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It enhanced my ability to live and work – Apsu Superfood Multivitamin Review


Nick Moloney, apsu supplement, apsu review, apsu supplement review, apsu vitamin reviewI have never been an advocate for vitamins or supplements. I first engaged with Laurent Guillemin in a business environment and when he approached me to discuss his Apsu ambition I agreed to trial some product.


I immediately experienced a positive effect on my energy levels and, in particular, relief in small but lingering joint articulation aggravations. Again, I was not completely sold so I ceased my daily intake and I gradually felt degradation of my energy levels and increase in joint pain and slower effort recovery. This sparked the beginning of an ‘on and off’ relationship with Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin until I was completely convinced that the addition of the Apsu supplement to my daily diet suited me and enhanced my ability to live and work in my diverse and demanding environment.


I am now a total believer and  grateful Apsu supplement advocate. “



Nick Moloney, Australian, Age 46, Professional Yachtsman…wannabe waterman), 2 X Americas Cup competitor, 15  X World Sailing Speed Records including the outright non-stop around the world ,3 X Around the World professional yacht races,20 X Atlantic Crossings winning 5 Major TransAtlantic Race titles. – APSU SUPPLEMENT REVIEW – NICK MOLONEY


February 2016 – Nick Moloney became a co-owner of the Apsu brand.  As the famous saying goes: “I loved it so much, I bought the company.”




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