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Beyond the New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution (noun) : A firm decision to do or not to do something.

For many, every stroke of midnight that divides December 31st and January 1st has an attached declaration that in the following year there will be a significant personal goal that will be achieved, or perhaps a series of smaller ones. Improving one’s health is usually featured somewhere on that list.

As many New Year resolutions falter early on, we decided to leave it for a few days before jumping on ‘the bandwagon’ so to speak.

So what is your New Year’s resolution? If it is health related then we can help you.

Our Apsu Superfood Multivitamin is a premium and complex formula that is designed purely to support notedly better health. By notedly, we mean that you could feel clear and significant positive results within days, if not the very day that you commence taking Apsu.

Do you want to feel better about your health and stay motivated?

One of the biggest problems with maintaining health-orientated goals is not feeling like you have succeeded or progressed. By taking Apsu your results can be evident and quick: an upswing in energy, reduction in bloating, better sleep, increased mental alertness, better recovery from any physical exertion and less general joint pain.

Shortly after your first intake you should feel a positive response. If you take it in the morning, then by mid-afternoon many of our Apsu advocates experience their first clear push through the afternoon slump with high motivation and energy that lasts through to the later part of the day.

Where does this claim come from? The clear benefits associated with our Apsu Superfood Multivitamin are connected to the unique blend of 42 fruits and vegetables that make up a single serving of Apsu. Individual foods work together to support one another to help unlock the full potential of the minerals and vitamins we need. For us, the proof is how we feel personally as daily users and advocates, and the humbling positive reviews and feedback that we are receiving from our customers.

At Apsu we wholeheartedly believe that we can help you with your motivation and keep you on track to achieve your physical and wellbeing goals for 2019.

Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Whilst we shy away from promoting Apsu as a weight loss product, vitamin deficiency can be a reason why you find it hard to shed the excess pounds. Our Superfood Multivitamin blend benefits from the inclusion of the vitamin B complex, which breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins and plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s energy supply.

B12, the most important vitamin for weight control, is also difficult to source naturally for vegetarians, vegans and those on restricted diets as it is primarily found in animal protein, such as meat and dairy, or in the soil. We use the non-animal version, Cyanocobalamin, which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Do You Want Your Hangovers to Hurt Less?

One element that we do not shy away from promoting is that for those who have not decided to give up drinking in 2019, Apsu provides excellent hangover support. Our natural green tea extract is a source of energy-providing caffeine, perfect for fending off headaches and tiredness, and our blend of vitamins and minerals will have your body replenished with all the good stuff. Rehydrate yourself with plenty of water and a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon, and perhaps go for a swim to really refresh those frazzled cells.

Have a fabulous 2019. When you think of health, please think of us. If you would like to share your objectives and goals with our team and advocates then feel free to reach out to us via [email protected] or via our social media pages @ApsuNutrition

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