How is Apsu different from other supplements?

“How does it specifically benefit athletes and active people?”

Most supplements out there are over-loaded and designed for people with a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Not what we athletes need. Still our active lifestyle makes it difficult to have perfect nutrition levels throughout the year. That’s where Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin comes into play. What makes Apsu so different is that it has been specifically formulated by athletes for athletes. It is a complete formula engineered around your active lifestyle.

The Apsu Superfood Multivitamin is built around four core pillars – energy, immunity, recovery and flexibility – and achieves this by using 42 superfood fruits and vegetables to optimise and help with the absorption of 16 essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

The plant based Enzyme complex can help optimize nutrient absorption from your food to your body.  Apsu is not over-charged yet complete as it has been thoughtfully designed for active people’s lifestyles and performance requirements.. 

Another essential aspect of playing outdoors is having a strong immune system. In addition to all the antioxidant and immune-boosting properties of the other ingredients, Apsu also contains a Trace Mineral Complex that supports a stronger immune system and can help your body rid itself of toxins that  drain your energy and compromise your immune system.

And we all know what effect constant activity can have on joints and fluidity of movement. Having a proactive approach to help limit the effects of repeated micro injuries can greatly improve the outcome on your body.  Glucosamine and MSM contained in Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin all support healthy joints, reducing inflammation and improving flexibility much needed to keep moving at your best. 

Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin supports energy, joint and ligament health as well as increasing endurance whilst giving the body its nutritional needs that may be lacking in your everyday diet. It contributes to a healthy life and positive well-being so you can active all day, making the most out of every minute!

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