Our Plastic-Free Packaging

Are you tired of plastic pollution littering our beaches, waves, trails and tracks?

As nature lovers, outdoor adventurers, travelers and sports people, we certainly are.

At the Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit in October 2017, we signed the clean seas pledge and made it our mission to go plastic-free. We found that whilst there are many packaging solutions out there that look ”eco”, they are still lined or sealed with plastic.

We also wanted something lightweight to help on CO2 emissions from transport, as well as shipping costs for our customers. After many months of searching, we found a solution that we believe works the best.


Once you’ve opened your Apsu product, we recommend that you store your supplements in a resealable container such as our Apsu canister or something that you already have at home, such as a jam jar.

We hope that you will support us as we move to a cleaner packaging solution that is 100% paper-based, 100% recyclable, 100% compostable and 100% plastic-free.

The vitamin supplement industry is a USD113bn+ industry that is primarily made up of plastic-packaged vitamins and minerals. The plastic packaging is arguably doing more destruction to our environment and health than the supplements are benefiting our bodies.

It is also well known that plastic containers leach toxic chemicals into the food and drink products that they store. As a health supplement company, we firmly believe that the vitamin supplement industry should move away from selling its products in plastic containers and we wanted to do something about it. It was a very difficult journey and it has meant that, for now, it is a more labour-intensive and time consuming process. But we are happy to be at the forefront of this change, regardless of the difficulties, because it is what we believe in and we know how important it is to many people that we do all that we can to reduce or eliminate our use of single-use plastic in particular.

Take a look at our plastic-free items for sale in our Shop.

We ship our products in cardboard boxes with non-plastic sealing tape and tissue filling to minimise damage.  We are also  speaking to all of our suppliers and are looking at ways of reducing plastic across the board, but we encourage our customers to minimise packaging – as well as CO2 emissions and delivery charges – by ordering in bulk and sharing with friends or family, or storing what you need in a cool dry place. We know we aren’t perfect yet, but we’ve taken big strides in the right direction and are grateful for our customers’ support!

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