Lincoln Dews Smiling during race

SUP World Champion Lincoln Dews Becomes Apsu’s newest team rider

Lincoln and Apsu were first connected via the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival in Queensland Australia. This event was title sponsored by Apsu and Lincoln won the SUP distance race in epic conditions. Was this the first time you’d come across Apsu?

I’d known Nick, co-owner of Apsu, for a while through friends of friends and I really admired his sporting career. When Apsu reached out to me about their products and their story, I was intrigued. I started with a three-month trial of the Superfood Multivitamin and have been using it for five months now.

How was the trial and why was it important for you to do that?

I’ll be honest, I was sceptical at first because as an athlete, I have to be sceptical about what I put in my body and which products I use for recovery. I wanted to experience the results first; it was very important to me to genuinely believe in a product before I start endorsing it and now I can say I’m proud to have my name beside Apsu’s.

What are the benefits that you’ve experienced from using Apsu’s products?

For me, it’s about consistency. In the past year, I’ve been competing in races, travelling, training, earning and defending my title, plus there are things like media commitments. I’ve always got to be my best.

Apsu helps me get the best performance out of my training and helps me fit my life around a busy schedule with lots of travel. Ultimately, Apsu gives me the energy I need to get up day after day and get everything I need to complete done.

It’s also important for me to work with brands which align my own values. The fact that Apsu is committed to plastic-free packaging and has an active program on Ocean Health obviously appeals to me as well.

Apsu Director Nick Moloney elaborates: “We see very high-level athletes sponsored by brands such as energy drinks that leave us scratching our heads and asking whether or not the athlete really endorses the products under the brands? It is important for us to live by our pinnacle value of supporting better health for all through better nutrition.

We focus on the needs of incredible sprint and endurance athletes in all sporting disciplines and the associated benefits in formula directly filters down to every individual regardless of the level of activity. We can provide a healthy daily food base to anyone and elite performance support to those who are pushing the most extreme mental and physical boundaries.

We are delighted to welcome Lincoln into the Apsu family, he has some radical plans in the pipeline and we look forward to working together in order to achieve incredible collective results.”

12 Towers photos courtesy of Georgia Schofield.

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