Our Vision

Apsu helps passionate, adventurous, athletic and active people do what they love for longer.

Our products are designed to help people improve their health, stay active and be a positive influence on the natural environment around them.

Staying true to our core value, we support athletes of all abilities who want to stay strong and healthy. We source premium ingredients and carefully engineer our products with the ambition to keep you doing what you love for longer.

For the Athlete

For the great outdoors

Apsu was originally engineered to support water sports athletes, in particular surfers and windsurfers but our love of a healthy, active and outdoor life has meant people of all sporting disciplines can benefit too.

We now only use paper-based pouches for our vitamins and supplements. These are not resealable because we wanted the pouch to be completely plastic-free. Instead, these can be opened and the contents transferred to an Apsu canister or a container of any kind that already exists in your home.



Overfishing is causing significant destruction to our marine eco-systems so we removed all shellfish and crustaceans from our supplements. We also converted our recipes to vegetarian or vegan formulas to support the growing numbers of athletes who are adopting a plant-based diet.

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