Apsu Superfood Multivitamin

A unique, non-overdosing superfood multivitamin engineered using premium vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, a superfood complex of 42 fruits and vegetables, and a vitalizing green tea extract. Designed to support healthy and active lifestyles.

Apsu Accessories and Clothing

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and signed up to the UN Environment’s Clean Seas pledge. Our Superfood Multivitamin’s pouches and all our shipping packaging is plastic-free. We also focus on organic cotton, long lasting products and circular economy innovation for our clothing and accessories.

Apsu is a family of like minded people, lovers of the outdoors, personal and team challenges regardless of the scale of endeavour. We love health and wellbeing and see the direct correlation between physical health and mental health. We love nature and are genuine advocates for protecting, preserving and better managing our resources. We genuinely believe that our Superfood Multivitamin will help you feel better and through enhanced energy, have the scope and motivation to get more out of your every day.

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