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Plastic-Free Packaging · Vegetarian Formula · Non-Overdosing · Supporting the Athlete in You

Our Products, Your Health.


Run, cycle, surf, swim or simply live without feeling depleted. Apsu’s mission is to be the source of replenished bodies and peak athletic performance. Originally engineered in Hawaii for ocean athletes, Apsu has the power to support the most elite athletes across all sporting disciplines.


Our products are engineered to support the four core pillars of health: energy, immunity, flexibility and recovery. Our core value is to support athletes of all levels and abilities who want to be active for longer, recover quicker, feel stronger and enjoy better health.

The best nutrition is found in nature

Good nutrition is best enjoyed blended into a divine smoothie, cooked in a casserole of flavours or eaten raw the way nature intended. But modern life means we don’t always have the time, opportunity or energy to source all the nutrients we need every day.

Keep Strong and Play Longer

Our range of nutritional products are designed to boost your immunity, support your joints, increase your strength and stamina, and to help you recover quickly. Even with a good diet, you might be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, so reach your optimal balance with Apsu’s non-overdosing range of supplements.

Our Environmental Pledge

Join Us.

We signed and honoured our UN Environment Clean Seas pledge to turn the tide on plastic.

#cleanseas #turnthetideonplastic #apsuoceaninitiative

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