About Us

Apsu Limited was originally founded in Hawaii, and the company’s Superfood Multivitamin was engineered to support the specific nutritional needs of surfers and windsurfers. In 2016, the brand changed hands and the focus shifted to the broader athletic and active market. In 2018 we developed more products to support the four core pillars of health that Apsu was known for: flexibility, recovery, strength and stamina.

After signing the UN Environment Clean Seas pledge, we spent over six months sourcing a new plastic-free packaging solution to support the oceans for generations to come, and to enjoy truly healthy living. Furthermore, all our products became either vegan or vegetarian.

We want the natural environment and oceans alive, thriving and plastic-free. We want our customers to experience great health, vitality and energy. Our new formula and packaging helps us all get to where we want to be.

Apsu’s iconic Superfood Multivitamin was the first product we uniquely formulated for athletes and active people. It is built around four core pillars of health: strength, recovery, flexibility and immunity. Our Superfood Multivitamin is crammed full of the good stuff; each tablet contains 42 fruits and vegetables alongside a swathe of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and nutrients. We want to make sure that you can enjoy doing what you love for longer without slumps, depletion or over-dosing and our Superfood Multivitamin was engineered with you in mind.

In 2018, after a few small tweaks, the new formula became vegetarian so many more people will benefit from our multivitamin too.

We also made the pills smaller so that it was easier to personalise your dosage depending on your activity levels. If you’re having a quiet week in the office, drop to one tablet a day. If you’re staying moderately active, take two. And if you’re pulling in some major sessions at the beach, in the surf, at the gym or on the trails, take three.

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